Would you like a stress free year?

Would you like 2016 to be joyous, abundant and full of personal achievements… I think the obvious answer to that question is yes! Who wouldn’t?! The good news is that you can have a stress free year if you read on and choose to take action. So let’s discuss… You can begin by asking yourself such questions:

Question 1

Are you feeling stressed?

Most people will understand what stress feels like on one level or another unless they have lived in a bubble they’re entire life but stress can begin to show up in less obvious forms such as a decreased libido or perhaps wanting to isolate yourself more often. Changes in your habits and patterns should be noted; it all boils down to awareness. You should have or develop an awareness of yourself on every level in order to notice any shifts in your mood and throughout your body. Noticing any forms of stress at an early level empowers you to knock stress easily and readily out of the park from the onset; allowing you to live your life the way you want.

Question 2

Are there any obvious reasons for the stress you’re feeling?

Before you consider stress hypnotherapy in Liverpool it’s important to realise whether or not there are relevant factors contributing to the stress you’re feeling. For instance, if you are working 15 hour days in a high pressured workplace environment then that no doubt can contribute towards the stress you are feeling. The point of the matter is that whatever you feel is adversely affecting you can be eliminated or made to work more effectively for you; becoming aware is SO important. I stress this all of the time to everyone one of my clients as becoming aware of our thoughts allows us to choose the thoughts that we want and as a result feel the way that we want to feel.

Question 3

What if you can’t identify any reasons as to why you are feeling stressed?

If you are unable to enjoy a stress free year then the best advice would be to seek professional advice. In Liverpool Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy operates from a couple of locations most notably the prestigious Rodney Street in the heart of the city centre. It can often help seeking outside counsel that may have an entirely different perspective from the one that captivates your own thoughts. If it still remains that there are no obvious reasons contributing to the stress you feel Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy can use a combination of both suggestion therapy and hypno-analysis to tackle and remove any stressors; offering a quick and effective resolution.


Hints and tips summarised to combat stress

  • Get in tune with yourself by becoming more aware of your thoughts and feelings
  • Identify any factors that may be contributing to the stress you feel
  • Eliminate factors causing you distress where possible
  • Use self hypnosis. Self hypnosis and other forms of meditation are great weapons to use against stress
  • Seek professional advice


The people of Liverpool can allow themselves a stress free year by following this advice and taking the recommended action. If all else fails you can use the contact details below.

0151 329 2029