What is self-hypnosis and can you benefit from it?

The Benefits of Self Hypnosis

There are many different trends and tag lines given to various methods of relaxation such as meditation, mindfulness or even self-hypnosis. The fact of the matter is that they are all very similar and extremely beneficial to you. Self-hypnosis is induced by yourself following a particular pattern that you learn followed by auto-suggestion (self directed thoughts, feelings, images) relating to a particular purpose or goal. For instance, self-hypnosis can be extremely beneficial to people who are suffering with a disturbed sleep pattern because they will have an active tool to use wherever and whenever needed once learned.


Once you have mastered the basics of self-hypnosis you really can begin to apply it and utilise it for anything and everything; the possibilities are endless! One of the reasons I practice self-hypnosis regularly is to help manifest all of the things that I want in life. I’m a big fan of the secret and many of the great books by Napoleon Hill who all tell us that our mind is extremely powerful and that we must imagine what we want! Without going off the topic, imagination is key to anything that we want to achieve and whilst under hypnosis the results of this can be so much more profound. So you can choose to be specific with self-hypnosis but you can also choose to be non-specific with it too. Again when mastering the basics you can just experience the wonderful feeling of calm throughout your body and mind; giving yourself the quality of relaxation that we never really get. People have a tendency to think that whilst they are sat down watching Coronation Street (which for the record I do NOT watch) that they are relaxing or “chilling out”.


This is simply not true as our mind is always engaged trying to keep up with the various scenes and planning possible future outcomes. Just by allowing yourself the quality of mental and physical relaxation you can feel better placed to cope with various events in your own life, improve memory/recall, problem solving and your general well being.


The process of self-hypnosis can be as short or as long as you like too, there are no set guidelines or limits. Like anything in life you get out what you put in and this is a sure fire investment that your future self will thank you for! For any information or if you are interested in learning some fantastic well being tools that you can carry around with you for life feel free to contact me anytime for expert advice.