Well hello there

About me Elliott DavenportI’m Elliott Davenport & I’ve just launched my brand new website www.elliottdavenporthypnotherapy.co.uk (formerly Revive Hypnosis).

Over the past couple of years the work that I have been doing has really took off and I thought it was about time to put my own stamp on it in the form of my name. Today I want to give you a brief introduction to me and how I work.

The days of someone waving a pocket watch before your eyes are well and truly done and dusted, however, you wouldn’t believe how many people ask me where mine is!

The fact of the matter is that like anything in life we evolve and hypnosis is no different, fortunately enough the techniques that I use are some of the most advanced today. Hence the results I get time after time. The techniques and inductions used will vary depending on which hypnotherapist your working with, as a result it is important to note that we are all different and shouldn’t be tarred with the same brush.

Experienced Hypnosis in Liverpool..that’s me

I have worked and learned alongside one of the UK’s leading hypnotherapists, who was taught by Andrew Newton (The man known for training Paul McKenna) amongst other leading world renowned hypnotists. However, like any job in any walk of life, we have our bread and butter approach! For me keeping things simple is key and in my sessions I do everything I can to promote and create a relaxed atmosphere… This is my bread and butter!

After giving clients an in depth description of everything involved, I encourage them to forget everything and focus on feeling and being relaxed! In the same way that squats may be the bread and butter to a personal trainer, relaxation is ours! It is the cornerstone and foundation to everything that we want to do!

So that brings about the question that many people ask… What If I can’t relax?! Truthfully speaking everybody has the ability to relax and if hypnotherapy can work for one it can work for all! Granted it may come more easily to certain people and that is true, however, this is where the skill of the hypnotherapist comes in. It is my job to facilitate the relaxation in a way that works consistently for you and this means having more than enough tools in my arsenal to achieve this. Whilst I too have a foundation of how I like to work it is not set in stone, I do not adopt a one size fits all approach because everyone is completely unique, which means I tailor sessions specifically to you!

If you would like to ask me any questions call anytime for a free, no obligation and confidential chat. You can also visit and send an enquiry through my website www.elliottdavenporthypnotherapy.co.uk