The start of a new year can be a positive time when you confront your problems and set out a plan of action to tackle them head on or start to work towards achieving your annual goals. Now that we’re coming to the end of the month there’ll no doubt be many of you who have fallen at the first hurdle and need picking up to start over again.  

If you find yourself in this situation, I can provide a helping hand to ensure that you achieve your goals this year and tackle any problems that are holding you back in life. Whether you want to lose weight, beat your addictions, or build your self esteem and confidence to find love, hypnotherapy could work for you.

Have a Healthier, Happier Year with Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

weight loss hypnotherapy

If you’ve piled on the pounds over the past years or even the festive period and it’s affecting your self esteem and health, then you’ve probably considered shedding those pounds this year. Most people take the initial step of losing weight by visiting weight loss classes and although there have been many success stories from these classes, it can be temporary as they don’t often tackle the root cause of your overeating.

More often than not food can be a comfort when your mood is low. If there’s an underlying factor affecting your mood, such as depression, you’re more likely to overeat to comfort yourself and temporarily lift your mood. This causes a cycle of events that can lead to you becoming overweight

If overeating is seriously affecting your self esteem and health, I recommend you visit me for weight loss hypnotherapy. Having low self esteem takes away your motivation to be active so tackling your self esteem issues is the first step. My suggestion therapy works by boosting your confidence and motivation, changing the way you view yourself. I create a specialised regime for you so you can create a better relationship with food. Depending on the severity of your problem I will also help you lose weight using hypnoanalysis.

Beat Your Addictions This Year

addiction hypnotherapy

Whether it’s smoking, drinking, or any other addiction, something having a grip on your life, causing health problems, and holding you back is never a good thing. Having an addiction will affect your everyday life. I use suggestion therapy if your addiction is caused by your dissatisfaction with everyday life or if the cause is rooted in your past, hypnoanalysis is my method of treatment.

Make 2018 Your Year

It’s easy to give up your goals and resolutions but it’s also easy to get in touch with me as a first step to keeping you on the right track. Let me help you have a positive year to remember with weight loss hypnotherapy or hypnoanalysis – contact me today on 0151 329 2029 or 07971 080 302, I’m here to help!