Weight Loss Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

There has been a common sociological trend of weight loss and disorders in recent times. Some may think that the process of weight loss in an easy – that you simply have to eat less, more healthily, and do more exercise. So you’re doing everything right, supposedly.

But what if you still can’t lose weight?

The usual case is that there exists a deeper, underlying issue, affecting your eating habits; escalating into the status of a disorder. The media is always ranting and raving over weight loss, about obtaining that ‘perfect figure’, “here try this new foolproof diet” “try our new magic cure” – why aren’t they working? Because they don’t address your problem, and why you’re having issues with the consumption of food/drink.

I can help you with advanced Weight Loss Hypnosis

Firstly, we’ll focus on finding the cause of your problem, we’ll find out why you’re having issues managing a healthy weight. The general consensus of people will have underlying issues with the following:

  • Low Self-esteem

  • Inaccurate, negative, self-image of themselves

  • Issues with stress

  • Issues of boredom

  • A sense of loneliness

  • A lack of exercise

  • A certain obliviousness with the amount of food or drink consumed

Through suggestion therapy we can alter the way in which you think of yourself, to sway you away from unnecessary excessive overeating. It will give you the boost of self confidence you need, giving you the motivation to exercise, and eat a more healthy diet.

When somebody with low self-esteem turns to ‘comfort eating’ through boredom, then they can greatly exceed the recommended daily amount of calories. When they overeat, they portray a rather negative image of themselves, leading to issues of loneliness and a low sense of self worth. This can lead to depression, removing any motivation to exercise.

We will find estimate the severity of your situation, and if we find the problem is a more long term diagnosis then we’ll utilise hypnoanalysis. Through a course of analytical therapy we can help you lead a more productive, and confident life, eradicating any prior worry of consuming food and drink.

A specialised regime will be developed, crafted around your case. I will use which ever technique we find appropriate and you will be on your way to the better life you want.