Summer Starts Now…Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Liverpool

Are you still struggling to deal with losing weight or feeling regretful because of those failed New Year resolutions? Don’t worry because help is on hand to ensure you can have the body of your desires and improve your health. Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy is the answer. We are now into March with spring just around the corner, which means you should start preparing for summer now!


Amazing weight loss results

Yes I can help deliver amazing, fantastic and powerful results for you within my tried and tested formula. Over the years I have developed pattern of working for clients who are wanting to lose weight however small or gigantic their goals may seem. The proof will undoubtedly as always be in the pudding (no pun intended), but safe to say it works when diets and willpower alone have failed. I am completely set and determined to achieving your end result and you will see this from the first moment of meeting me; my support is second to none.


How does it work?

The question above should be really be “How do I work?” Because how I work makes it work, if you catch my drift! I want you to be completely relaxed and comfortable in my company and we really go through some fine details in our consultation prior to commencing with our work. Once you have all of the information in front of you we can get to work using a unique combination of “suggestion therapy” and “hypno-analysis”. Now without giving away ALL of my trade secrets this is a very powerful method of working as we seek to remove old unwanted behaviours and re-program all that need.


Doesn’t every other hypnotherapist do this?

No. Each hypnotherapist has a different style and way of working and they certainly do not offer hypno-analysis as common practice. Put simply in life we have levels, we have hairdressers such as Toni & Guy who will most probably style your hair to perfection rather than your local hairdressers, you can hire a professional joiner to fit your kitchen or let your father-in-law take a crack at it, you can… Ok I think you see where I am going with this one and ultimately it’s true 90% of the time in life you get what you pay for! Therefore you can decide if you would like to work with one of the U.K’s top hypnotherapists that will deliver results for you first time around or not and maybe take a chance with someone who doesn’t have the same level experience and knowledge.


Where can you find me?

I am born and bred in Liverpool and I genuinely love helping the people of my city. I’m based in 47 Rodney Street, Liverpool city centre right next to the Anglican Cathedral and it is great going to work there everyday whilst meeting new people. There is plenty of discounted parking in the Cathedral itself so don’t let that put you off visiting me. I am always happy to talk so don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and chat, you’ll find me friendly and very down to earth.

You can visit me at

You can reach me on 0151 329 2029 or 07971080302

Check me out on twitter @hypnosisliv