Hypnosis for Stress with EDH Liverpool

Stress Hypnosis

When you wake up in the morning, what is your first thought? Your first thought may be a stressful one, maybe thinking of what the day ahead will bring, and the day ahead may be daunting. Waking up stressed is a common symptom of someone who deals with constant stress, the sleeping pattern can also be affected. There are a range of things that can factor into a person feeling stressed. Some of the more common reasons are as follows:

  • Stress in the workplace; the inability to properly act upon prior expectations of responsibility placed on the individual’s shoulders.

  • Stressful relationships, whether other people directly stress you out, or you’re just too stressed to capably deal with relationships.

  • Family life – relationships in the family always have bumps in the road, but your relationships with your family members may be the problem.

  • A recent/past divorce – divorce can cause stress for many sub- reasons, including relationships, finance, and life comfortability.

  • A new job – self explanatory really. Going for a new job leaves room for stressful situations, new job, new location, new regime, new management, new relationships within the workplace.

  • Long term illness

  • Holidays

Stress is just a direct result of external stimuli. Stress can be seen positively, as we need it. Without stress we would lead dull, directionless lives, stress can arise through a lack of meeting targets for example. However, too much stress can lead you down a dark road, breaching issues such as depression and even some physical symptoms:

  • Increased irritation

  • Telltale signs of tension and agitation e.g – nail biting

  • Difficulties falling asleep/getting out of bed early in the morning

  • Increased amounts of alcohol and tobacco consumption

  • Indigestion

  • An increased sensitivity to criticism, not being able to handle any sort of criticism calmly, and correctly.

  • An increased loss rate in concentration

How Hypnosis can help with Stress

If there is a singular reason for your stress, it may be an important upcoming event, or maybe an interview for a new job/position – then suggestion therapy will work wonders for you. Relieving you of any previous stress through association techniques. This type of hypnotherapy will prepare and reassure you of a relaxing time ahead, leaving you with a stress free frame of mind.

No matter what the problem is, hypnotherapy is exceedingly beneficial in dealing with stress. One session of hypnotherapy a couple of weeks prior to any sort of stressful event will leave you prepared, positively, and confidently.

Ongoing, pervasive issues with stress

If you find that your individual case of stress is one of a more long term, serious nature, then our analytical hypnotherapy will find the problem. You may be taking too much time off of work due to your levels of stress, maybe you’re constantly at odds with everyone you talk to? Maybe you’re struggling just to fall asleep?

Contact me now, I’ll determine which sort of hypnotherapy best suits you, and we’ll help you live the life you’ve always wanted.