Get some additional support with hypnotherapy for smoking

Lots of smokers would love to stop smoking. At this time of year, thanks to the national Stoptober initiative, many do but for some going cold turkey isn’t easy. If you’ve taken the fantastic step of joining the Stoptober campaign in Liverpool, well done!

If you would like to turn a month of non-smoking turn into a lifetime and could use a little help in doing so, I’m here for you.

The Stoptober campaign for Liverpool smokers

The Stoptober campaign isn’t Liverpool based, it’s a national initiative run by the NHS that provides lots of tools to help smokers kick the habit, including a website, a Facebook page and an app providing daily tips.

I think it’s great and it’s well worth taking a look at all of the free support and advice they offer.

Apparently, so the Stoptober campaign says, if you stop smoking for 28 days you are 5 times more likely to quit for good!

Of course, kicking an addiction can require different things of different people. If you’ve been giving Stoptober a go and you’re finding it a challenge, or if you’d like to jump on board now and join the fun but you’re concerned about your willpower, then perhaps I can help.

Hypnotherapy for smoking is a well known, tried and tested method that can definitely help you to quit.

I know it can because I have helped many people to stop smoking already in my career. The Stoptober campaign in Liverpool can really help, because it can connect you to a community of people able to empathise with and support you but hypnotherapy is a direct action approach that can help to ensure your success.

Going beyond the Stoptober campaign with Liverpool hypnotherapy sessions

It doesn’t have to be painful or difficult to stop smoking.

In fact, hypnotherapy techniques such as suggestion therapy and hypnoanalysis can change your desire to smoke, so that you no longer even feel like doing so.

So if the Stoptober campaign in Liverpool has galvanised you to take steps to quit smoking, I salute you and if you need me, I’m here to help.