Sport Performance Hypnosis

Sport Performance Hypnosis

Sport and hypnosis have went in hand in hand for years. They have a long and fruitful history. Hypnosis in sport is commonly referred to under different names, like ‘autogenic training’ or mental training.

Les Cunningham, renowned author of ‘Hypnosport’ wrote about Mike Brearley, England’s cricket captain during the 78/79 Australian tour. Apparently Mike had consult with a medical hypnotherapist.

During the 56’ Olympics, in Melbourne; the Russian team were backed by a total of 11 hypnotists for their Olympic athletes. Many different corners of sport will have had some association with medical hypnotherapy, and you don’t need to search too hard. Athletes will utilise hypnotic technique to further heighten their own sporting prowess.

Many athletes prefer to consult with hypnotism behind closed doors. This is due to the popular and age old misconception of hypnotism having ‘magical’ qualities, supernatural. These sporting stars already use various kinds of scientific technologies to enhance their game. However, many will also focus on visualisation and hypnosis to improve also.

Champion status is not required when using basic hypnotic techniques, and many of which you can do alone:

  • Mental imagery – imagining a bright future filled with success, this technique will inspire anyone to achieve greatness if performed properly.

  • Strategizing – implementing strategy of success, knowing how to get that first place spot, and being able to turn it on.

  • Overcoming any sort of mental obstacle, or mental barrier.

  • Self motivation – the basic reinforcement of self belief.

Most athletes approach hypnotherapists within the profession of golf. However, athletes from all walks of sport can attain complete mental mastery of oneself, the only person in your way, is you.

How I can help

If your performance in sport is stopping you from leading the life you really want and desire, then don’t hesitate to try hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can help give you the confidence in which you lack, aiding you on the road to recovery. I have have a huge success rate in dealing with athletes.

Depending on your situation, I can offer you one of two techniques; in which the methods alter according the the individual case. A course of suggestion therapy can help you directly, however; if we find that your situation stems from a much deeply rooted problem, then we will move forward with hypnoanalysis. Hypnoanalysis will help you change the way in which you associate yourself with negativity. Giving you the positive, healthier, pain-free lifestyle you’ve always wanted.