Social Phobia Hypnotherapy

Social Phobia Hypnosis

People most commonly turn to Social Phobia Hypnotherapy when attempting to overcome a fear, or phobia. Some of the common phobias you may have heard of are phobias such as the fear of spiders, the fear of heights, or even flying.

These phobias can be easily resolved and cured using basic cognitive hypnotherapy. This hypnotherapy focuses on the individual’s reaction to the problematic subject, (eg) to react calmly rather than panic.

All phobias aren’t this easily treated. When an individual is faced with a more disruptive or aggressive phobia then treatment highlights reasons or issues that surround the onset of the phobia, rather than the phobia itself. Some of these cases can include severe social phobia, agoraphobia etc.

Hypnosis for Social Phobia

Phobias can often be traced back to childhood. For example; if a child sees their parent screaming because they saw a spider, the child will automatically register said spider as a threat, as danger. This is a deep, subconscious decision. Children are easily influenced with positive and negative perception, and they don’t have the logic to distinguish between the two for themselves, at such an early age.

Social Phobia is hard to diagnose to a single pinpoint problem. This is due to social phobias relating to so many different problems and issues. A lot of these issues can include:

  • A fear of ‘being put on the spot’

  • Finding large groups of people intimidating

  • Finding it difficult to make new friends

  • A feeling of extreme shyness, and having a lack of confidence when dealing with social surroundings

  • An inability to properly socialise at social events, and parties

  • Pre-exam nerves

  • Finding phone conversations difficult

  • A fear of being mocked, judged or criticised

  • The fear of rejection

  • Bladder shyness (the inability to urinate in the presence of others)

  • Sexual Problems/performance issues

How I Social Phobia Hypnotherapy can help

If you’re suffering from a problem that hasn’t yet been listed, then there’s a good chance that we can still help you. The nature of the problems listed show a correlation; those who suffer from them rarely seek help.

As mentioned previously; our suggestion therapy and our hypnotherapy will help you get over your issues that are obstructing you from leading the life you want to live.

If someone lacks the confidence to seek help from others, they often turn to ignoring the problem altogether. A course of suggestion therapy can greatly increase your reaction when dealing with symptoms, relieving you of any negative associations.

I’ll help build your confidence and self esteem. Even a problem like emetophobia will only take 8-12 weeks of hypnotherapy, I’m confident in my ability to help. Call me anytime on 0151 329 2029 or message me privately on Twitter or G+.