For some people, the end of Dry January means more opportunity to go out drinking and socialising this month. However, if an invite for a night out or any other social event fills you with dread then you may be suffering from social phobia which can be a real hindrance to your life. You may have a constant battle in your head of wanting to socialise with your friends and not letting them down, whilst also figuring out your excuses of why you can’t make it as socialising is too unbearable.

This can be exhausting for anyone, particularly if you suffer from panic attacks as a result of being in an uncomfortable social setting. Social phobia is not only triggered by nights out and drinking, it can manifest itself in various ways such as:

  • Extreme shyness and lack of confidence
  • Inability to be yourself in social environments
  • Fear of being put on the spot (particularly at interviews, conferences, meetings)
  • Fear of being judged, mocked and rejected
  • Difficulty making new friends
  • Unable to speak on the phone

Some people may have other physical symptoms such as being unable to urinate. This list is not exhaustive however, as you may experience other symptoms when faced with a dreaded social event.

social anxiety hypnotherapy

As with many phobias the reaction is usually panic, and it is this symptom that often holds people back. Social phobia doesn’t only affect socialising with friends, work life can also be affected. So whether you have an interview, you’re beginning a new job, have an important meeting, or just want to be able to accept social invites from friends without feeling extreme nerves, let me help you overcome this phobia so you can lead a normal, happier life. Here’s how social anxiety or panic attack hypnotherapy could help you…

Social Phobia Hypnotherapy

Social phobia is more than those pre-party nerves or feeling slightly shy when meeting new people, it is at an extreme level and can severely hold you back in life. Many phobias are deeply rooted from childhood experiences and this can stay with an individual into adulthood. The first step in treating a social phobia is seeking help. Hypnotherapy could be the help you have been looking for.

Building your self esteem and confidence is key when treating social phobia as this is often a reason why people struggle to socialise. A course of suggestion therapy could greatly relieve your symptoms and change how you react from negative to positive.

Panic Attack Hypnotherapy

Panic attacks are the physical and psychological symptoms some people face as a result of their social phobia. Panic attacks are uncontrollable and they manifest through sweating, nausea, palpitations, trembling, overwhelming fear and anxiety. Although panic attacks may not cause serious harm, it is the fear of a panic attack occurring that can hold an individual back in life.

Those who suffer from social phobia and panic attacks often bottle up their emotions which results in overwhelming stress and anxiety. Hypnoanalysis allows these problems to escape your mind and relieve this stress. I also offer a course of suggestion therapy (clinical hypnosis) to relieve the symptoms of panic attacks.

Take Control of Your Life With Hypnotherapy

Social phobia and panic attacks can severely disrupt your life and stop you from achieving your life goals. Why suffer any longer? Take control of your mind and body by seeking help through social phobia hypnotherapy and panic attack hypnotherapy. I could give you peace of mind and help you enjoy life. Call me today on 0151 329 2029 or reach out to me via Twitter or Facebook.