What is past life regression? Here’s everything you need to know

Does past life regression involve time travel?

You may have been interested in past life hypnosis in Liverpool but may have found yourself immediately the subject of a barrage of questions, so let’s start by explaining what it is exactly.

In short, regression hypnosis is practiced to help facilitate the recovery of memories from events in another lifetime. When a client enters a deeply relaxed state of hypnosis the conscious mind is less of a presence with it’s judgemental and analytical traits greatly reduced. This allows us to work much more freely with an open mind and work to release any potential repressed memories from a past life and there are various ways that we can work to do this but I’m not going to go into detail about the techniques that I use to do this for a number of reasons! Now, I’m all too aware of the scepticism that surrounds past life regression hypnosis but I would encourage you to read on with an open mind.


Real, imagined or something else?

Nobody can say for certain whether or not past life regression hypnosis is real or not, no matter how real or vivid the experience of the client may be. However, my question to those asking such a question would be: Does it matter? Let me explain.

For example, if a client is suffering from severe anxiety or depression and we decide that it may be worth exploring techniques that involve past life regression hypnosis, subsequently we then uncover a repressed memory seemingly from past life. Following this session that person feels so much better, has overcome all of the problems that were adversely affecting them in their life, does it matter whether it was real or imagined? Well in a word NO. It does not matter because the client has achieved what they have set out to achieve. Now going slightly off track in a bid to encourage sceptics reading this article to open their mind as to what else might actually be happening I’ll keep writing.


Nobody can say for certain what has happened

Yes I do practice regression hypnosis Liverpool and I do have an understanding of it of course I do but how can we say for certain that we genuinely understand the detailed mechanics of the process when we work somewhat blindly? You can’t I’m afraid and I’m just brave enough to say it because my results speak for themselves and I am always totally upfront about hypnosis and my impressions of it. Now there are many other industries and practitioners that work in such a way too that have many grey areas but when it comes to past life regression in Liverpool or anywhere else for that matter people tend to become a lot more critical.

I bet if you asked an electrician what exactly electricity is, where it comes from and how it’s formed that he couldn’t tell you. However, he can certainly make sure that you enjoy the benefits of it! So, does it matter? Absolutely not!



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