New year weight loss? Yes, it is possible and it will happen!

So, here we are again, I mean don’t tell me that this the first January that you have tried to make a diet work for you! Infact, I’d guess for many of you reading this blog that it is way above that number in terms of times tried and failed. However, with me Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy you have a secret weapon in using both your conscious and unconscious mind to produce results for you. If you’d like to learn some hints and tips that are so elementary basic yet produce real results then read on. If you are a skeptic by nature, the opposite of an optimist then you too should definitely read on. If you are an optimist by nature then you are probably already beginning to feel excited about your New Year Weight loss and so you should. This leads me on nicely to my next point…


Get excited! I’m serious get excited!

Yes, you can and you will lose weight with hypnotherapy but let’s cast a wider net; there are other factors that when used in conjunction with my advanced hypnosis produce amazing results. You see, this is the problem I want amazing whilst you’re settling for mediocre, it doesn’t work in half measures and neither do I! So choose a goal that “excites you”. Let me prove the difference to you… If you have a Weight loss goal to lose 1 stone of fat and really you need to lose 3 stone then that isn’t really going to excite you is it! So have the courage to make 3 stone your target weight loss goal the one that if you could choose to have you would choose, the one that you can picture yourself in a bikini or shorts looking fantastic. I really hope for your sake that by now your are beginning to get the picture as to why I am saying what I am saying!


Throw away those limiting beliefs

Your New Year Weight Loss depends greatly on your ability to throw away these limiting beliefs. The astute people amongst you reading this blog may have already begun to pick up on this fact in the previous paragraph as they go hand in hand. So the next question I’m about to hear now is “how do I throw away those limiting/negative beliefs?”. You can answer this question by asking yourself how you throw away an empty packet of crisps! I mean an empty packet Now, honestly although I am sarcastic at the best of times I promise you I’m not joking here! I’ll explain in bullet points below just how easy it can be:

  • Numero uno – You make a decision to throw the empty packet of crisps away. Yes, everything starts with a decision and you have consciously made the decision throw this empty packet away.
  • You throw the empty packet away because it serves you no purpose. It’s meaningless, redundant and you don’t want it.
  • You don’t want it because it’s redundant and so you choose/decide to forget about it and place it in the bin!
  • Once it’s forgotten about the rubbish men come and take it away and it’s gone forever!


I hope you can translate this metaphor to achieve your weight loss goals!

Now you can focus on your New Year Weight Loss in Liverpool. If you’d like to learn more you can call me anytime, visit my website or catch me on twitter.

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