IBS Hypnosis

IBS Hypnosis

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a disorder associated directly with digestion. The stomach will sometimes experience painful cramps, diarrhoea, a bloated feeling or even constipation.

According to the NHS, there are no existing cures for IBS. However; the symptoms can be retracted through a proper diet and more healthy lifestyle. In some cases, some medication may help also. We know that there is often specific reasons for the contraction of IBS, and with hypnotherapy we can help.

Whilst IBS remains to be non-fatal, the syndrome can cause you to have an uncomfortable lifestyle, always putting your irritable bowel syndrome before yourself. E.g – IBS won’t act as a catalyst for cancer, and it won’t contribute further to other bowel problems, but this information is often irrelevant to someone who suffers from IBS.

Though the origin of IBS remains to be unknown, we know that it is caused through stress, and a possible irregularity in the muscles that push food through the stomach.

People most commonly face IBS within the age range of 20-30. IBS isn’t constantly active, though it can be brought on between digestion (of particular foods, according to the individual),, or through times of stress. Symptoms can vary from one person to another, IBS is irregular.

Most people who obtain IBS will experience diarrhea, and constipation, sometimes a mixture of both. This can lead to stomach cramps, and stomach pain in general. Whether or not there is an NHS cure for IBS is irrelevant to us; we will make your life more productive, and increase your general happiness through hypnotherapy.

How I can help with IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome can get in the way of a life you want, a more productive and healthy life style. I can offer you a course of suggestion therapy (clinical hypnosis). If and when we discover that you have bottled up emotions, or deep-rooted negative emotions then these problems can be resolved through our hypnoanalysis, relieving you from further mental and physical stress.

Hypnoanalysis will help you change the way in which you associate yourself with negativity. Giving you the positive, self confident you, the you that leads the life that you want to have.