There are lots of things to consider when searching for a hypnotherapist in Liverpool as approaches can differ in the type of hypnosis therapy used for anxiety. So you want to make sure that you opt for the best approach and hypnotherapist in Liverpool. You can begin to achieve this by researching a few key points surrounding hypnotherapy in Liverpool and see whether or not a therapists approach is suitable for you.

One of the first key points I always recommend when searching for hypnotherapy in Liverpool is that you are completely comfortable with the therapist that you will look to work with as it is a 50/50 relationship and this is a fundamental component prior to any hypnosis therapy for anxiety; I can not stress enough the importance of this fact… Always trust your instincts.

Secondly, find out what the type of hypnosis therapy for anxiety involves and if you feel comfortable with the designated route. I am a hypno-analyst and I believe in cause and effect i.e remove/find the cause and the problem will go away; rather than just working with the symptoms of the problem. This process is called hypno-analysis and is not something that every hypnotherapist Liverpool or elsewhere will offer. Many offering hypnotherapy in Liverpool solely offer suggestion therapy; which you will also see called “clinical hypnosis”. Now whilst this too can and does have powerful effects at initiating changes and helping people move forward with a variety of factors in they’re life, I do not believe that it is effective hypnosis therapy for anxiety when used alone.

So as a hypnotherapist in Liverpool what would be my plan of action when using hypnosis therapy for anxiety?! Well, the answer is an annoying one… It all depends! That’s right, it all depends on the client in which I am working with and devising a strategic and tailored made plan with they’re best interests at heart. Whilst mechanically/biologically people are very similar etc the fact of the matter is that no two people are the same! To try and place this into some sort of context not everyone who decides to play golf picks up a club and whacks a ball like Tiger Woods; in other words every individual has a different starting point regardless of how similar we think we are and irrespective of how minute the slight differentiating details are; and depending at which level you are at will effectively determine what approach we take in the hypnosis therapy for anxiety.

Ultimately as a practicing hypnotherapist Liverpool I will inevitably use both hypno-analysis and clinical hypnosis for the treatment of anxiety but in what order, amount and strategy is involved within that process is not set in stone because like any other walk of life it is a process and you can not be rigid in your process; you have to be able to adapt.

In short there are many options available to you when choosing hypnotherapy in Liverpool but decide to do your research and think about some of the key factors mentioned in this blog before you choose