Anxiety is a mental health disorder that has become more and more prevalent in recent years as the stigma around the word fades. There is no real cure for anxiety and it’s not always as easy to diagnose or treat as a physical illness or infection is. However, hypnotherapy for anxiety is a recognised method of reducing symptoms and helping to identify the root cause of the issue.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety (also known as Generalised Anxiety Disorder, or GAD) is one of the most prominent mental health problems in 21st century life. Despite its name, anxiety is not simply the feeling of anxiousness that you might get before a job interview or big presentation.

People who suffer from generalised anxiety disorder can have constant feelings of unease or nervousness about seemingly normal events. This disorder can have hugely debilitating effects on regular day-to-day life and can create challenges in work and social relationships.

Anxiety can present itself as a symptom of other issues such as panic disorder, phobias, and PTSD, but it is also a standalone problem that affects many people. The exact cause of anxiety is still not known, but it’s most likely a combination of several factors including overactivity of the brain, an imbalance of serotonin and noradrenaline, and a history of stressful experiences.

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

There’s no shortage of supposed ‘cures’ for anxiety but there is still no one preferred treatment. The currently available methods of treating the disorder include prescribed antidepressants and cognitive behavioural therapy.

However, hypnotherapy for anxiety is also emerging as a way of dealing with the symptoms.

As a hypnotherapist in Liverpool, I provide hypnotherapy for social anxiety, phobia based anxiety, and generalised anxiety disorder. My approach to tackling anxiety involves courses of suggestion therapy and hypnoanalysis that aim to alter your negative thought processes and isolate the root cause of the issue.

Hypnotherapy can help you to understand the main triggers of your anxiety and work on developing counters for them. This can give you a regained sense of control and normalcy, improving your ability to deal with anxiety.

The length of my course of treatment can vary depending on the seriousness of your anxiety but I generally advise that good progress should have been made within 8-12 sessions.

Choosing Me as Your Hypnotherapist in Liverpool

If you’re keen to get hypnotherapy for anxiety, choosing me is as easy as contacting me through my website’s online contact form or calling me on 0151 329 2029.

Beginning with a free consultation call, we can start to work on solutions to your anxiety and take steps towards a healthier mind.