Hypnosis to Stop Drinking


Hypnosis to stop drinking is becoming a more and more popular method of battling alcoholism or binge drinking.

Although not accepted by everyone, the benefits of hypnotherapy for alcoholism can be positive for people struggling.

The Dangers of Heavy Drinking

Drinking alcohol is something that’s deeply rooted in our society and a lot of the time it can be pretty much harmless.

Research has shown that it can actually be good for you to drink a moderated amount of red wine which contains antioxidants that may help prevent heart disease and cancer.

moderate drinking

However, binge drinking has been a topic of concern for many in recent years, with statistics showing that a considerable percentage of the population of the UK regularly drinks more than the recommended weekly amount.

Drinkaware suggests that 14 or more units of alcohol a week (around 5 or 6 pints of beer) is enough, but over 2.5 million adults have reported that they’ve drank over 14 units on their heaviest drinking day.

Misuse of alcohol is one of the largest contributors to death and ill-health in 15-49 year olds in the UK, costing the NHS around £3.5 billion a year and factoring into around 8500 deaths annually.

There are an estimated ~600,000 dependent drinkers in the UK alone, and with only ~100,000 currently seeking treatment. The remaining ~500,000 people not in treatment might find some help in hypnosis to stop drinking.

Hypnosis to Stop Drinking

If you’re aware that you have a drinking problem that is affecting your life, you might be considering hypnotherapy as a solution. The process I follow for hypnosis for alcoholism or binge drinking depends on the extent of the problem.

Alcohol abuse can stem from several different root causes, including influence from a family member or friend, physical addiction, or a hereditary cause.

My course of treatment for drinking problems generally begins with suggestion therapy. If the problem persists past this, I will move on to hypnoanalysis which will aim to tackle the root of the issue.

Your Hypnotherapist in Liverpool

I have experience supporting clients through their drinking problems and can work with you to help you overcome your own personal drinking issues.

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