It’s that time of year again… STOPTOBER


I think most people now know what the Stoptober Campaign is about, it’s about giving up smoking and giving up smoking for good! With Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy we can use hypnosis for smoking, to quit that is!

Tried and tested methods with one of the U.K’s most successful hypnotherapists can ensure that 2016 may just be your last Stoptober Campaign!

How to Stop Smoking?

There are various factors to consider when looking to stop smoking and we will look to address all of them from your first consultation.

Let’s first find out exactly why you want to stop smoking?

  • Have family and friends pressured you?
  • Is your health a major factor?
  • Do you want to see your grandchildren grow up?

Finding / realising your “why” is very important to achieving the success we want; we need to make sure that this “why factor” is true to you.

People will differ in their reasons for wanting to use hypnosis for smoking to quit and this is why the approach must be tailored to suit you.

Once we have successfully identified your sincere reasons as to why you want to stop smoking we can proceed with bringing you success in this year’s Stoptober Campaign.

Hypnosis for Smoking… The Way Towards Quitting

I’m always asked how to stop smoking and if hypnosis for smoking works.

Now, the facts and truth of the matter would take me much longer than a blog post to explain easily and clearly how to stop smoking in a way that makes perfect sense.

It would also result in me revealing my successful techniques that I am quite secretive and protective of; just like Mr. Kipling will tell you he can make you a delicious cake he sure as hell won’t be giving you the recipe!

Well, unlike Mr. Kipling I won’t be able to make you a delicious cake but like Mr. Kipling my name is on my brand!

This means that I take great pride in my work and I want everyone to remember who they have worked with and who helped them to stop smoking.

Hypnosis for smoking is nothing new but the results and consistency achieved with Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy can certainly be a new route to success for you this Stoptober Campaign.


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