Everything you need to know about Hypnosis for Athletes.

Hypnosis in sports was pioneered in the 1956 Olympics by Russia when 11 hypnotherapists accompanied their team in Melbourne. The Russian Olympic team went on to claim one of they’re greatest ever hauls of 98 medals; which was a significant amount more than the ever present Americans… 24 more medals to be specific. It is a wonder then that hypnosis for athletes is not a common practice for all looking to achieve at the highest levels.

As a hypnotherapist Liverpool I have regularly worked with many professional athletes; namely in the form of professional fighters. The benefits gained from my sessions to professionals in this industry cannot and should not be overstated. Most notable and common benefits include:

  • Increased memory & concentration
  • Increased confidence 7 self esteem
  • Increased motivation
  • Increased recovery
  • Increased ability to relax

The few bullet points above are more than enough to convince you to add hypnosis to your training program, but as a hypnotist Liverpool there is more to come from Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy. When working and using hypnosis for athletes we will work towards specific game plans, improve weaknesses and run the ideal scenario through your mind over and over again. Just take a moment to imagine what advantage you would have over any potential opponent if you could accelerate your learning speed and program your mind to dictate the course of your event to nigh on perfection! Well with me as your hypnotist Liverpool you can…

Athletes and people in general understand the importance of keeping their body in top physical condition; as we all know the importance that physical prowess can have in sports and the physical aspects of preparing your body for competition requires a great investment of time. So by the same token of logic it makes sense to invest a substantial amount of time to train the mind; as the right mindset will ensure you excel in your chosen field. If you are serious about achieving in your chosen sport then you should get serious about hypnosis.

There is a long list of top professional sports people who have achieved amazing results through the use of hypnosis from the Russian Olympic team mentioned to the best golfer the world has seen in Tiger woods; as your hypnotherapist Liverpool I can help bring you the same results! When choosing your hypnotherapist Liverpool I believe it is important to work with someone who has a genuine and an in depth understanding of what it is involved in your process as a professional. I have a great understanding of what it takes to succeed first hand and this helps me to mould my strategies when using hypnosis for athletes.

I am a passionate hypnotist Liverpool and I was very recently working with a young man forging a professional football career in America; this passion was key in order to resonate with his own energetic passion for his chosen sport. Enthusiasm and passion can and will ensure success on any level and in any field, an important footnote to consider before choosing your hypnotherapist Liverpool.

Are you an Athlete looking for some help? Please get in touch! You can email me on elliott@elliottdavenporthypnotherapy.co.uk or give me a call on 01513292029. P.s don’t forget to check out my twitter for updates – @hypnosisliv