How to Start Giving up Alcohol with Hypnosis

As a Hypnotherapist Liverpool I offer a different approach to many other Liverpool alcohol services when looking to kick the daily drinking club. October has become a month for change over the last few years and many people are now getting serious in they’re attempts at giving up alcohol. I personally think that it is brilliant opportunity for people to unite and support each other’s goals; an opportunity to lose a couple of extra pounds together, feel fresh and revitalised. Recent studies have supported that giving up alcohol for one month can improve sleep, performance and concentration; sounds good to me.

Stop for October

Drinking too much alcohol can have adverse effects on your health and going sober for October is a perfect opportunity for you to succeed in reversing those effects; whether you choose me as your hypnotherapist Liverpool or other Liverpool alcohol services I encourage you to make the change for you! Many people have become very accustomed to regularly exceeding the recommended daily intakes of alcohol and are also very relaxed in they’re opinions of what drinking too much alcohol actually is. Many working professionals do not deem giving up alcohol as a problem; opinions of what an alcohol problem is and the actual reality are distinguished with great disparity in my experience as a hypnotherapist Liverpool.

If you are wondering if drinking too much alcohol is a problem or not for you in your life or debating whether to contact any Liverpool alcohol services then start by deciding upon a definite goal. For example, give up alcohol for three consecutive days (as this shouldn’t really be a problem if it’s not a problem, if you catch my drift). Set various goals when choosing to give up alcohol, maybe you would like to spend the inevitable savings on a new pair of shoes or even a short break away depending on how much you normally spend on alcohol. Decide what you want and decide that you want it more than you want that bottle of wine or beer and assess how easy or not this is for you before deciding to seek the advice of Liverpool alcohol services.

Like many other habits not everything is always cut and dried and this is the same when it comes to giving up alcohol. You can begin to ask yourself why you drink as much as you do? What times are you drinking? Is your work life stressful? Do you enjoy it? As a hypnotherapist Liverpool these are some of the questions that I would be asking you in order to begin to generate a change and you can start by asking yourself! Ask yourself such questions in order to become more aware; this is key when starting to make a change when giving up alcohol. For instance, if you realize that you are using alcohol as a coping mechanism when dealing with stress then that for me as a hypnotherapist Liverpool opens up another line questioning.

If you feel that you are drinking too much alcohol then there are a variety of Liverpool alcohol services available to help you accomplish goals and support you along the way; the support and guidance at Elliott Davenport hypnotherapy (EDH) is second to none. EDH strives to produce the most dramatic results in the quickest time possible and has built its reputation on such results.

Thinking about going sober for October? Please keep me updated with all your progress via twitter @hypnosisliv. If you have any further questions regarding help with alcoholism then please call me on 01513292029 or email me at and I will get straight back to you.