Getting Fit for Summer

You’ve probably heard that hypnotherapy can be extremely helpful to you when trying to achieve your weight loss goals and this is undoubtedly true! As we all know Abs are built in the kitchen with many fitness professionals claiming that the key to losing those excess pounds is 20% training and 80% diet! In other words it’s all about what we eat and there’s much more of a mental battle to be fought and WON!

Surely when trying to lose weight we should look at our relationship with food then right?! Well it’s not something that everyone does and how many times have you heard the words “I’ll work it off in the gym later”, “You can eat what you want if you train hard” or “I deserve it”. Those beliefs are some of the pitfalls for many people battling the bulge this summer. The reality is that we need to change the way we think and feel about food; this is obviously a matter for the mind!

Now for the sceptics amongst us please bear with me! What if you could learn to love broccoli and change how you think about the foods you eat! What if instead of being comforted by a pint size tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream you could in fact comfort yourself with the mere thought of having reached your ideal weight! What if that ambition was so strong that nobody, not even yourself could tempt you into eating something that would detract from your goal! What if all of the above could become true for you with a simple little shift in your perception! The results would be amazing!

Now without giving away my top secrets to my trade changing our perception is key and you can actively generate a shift in yours at anytime. Think about all the possibilities this could bring about for you. Change how you think and ultimately you will change how you feel, change how you feel and ultimately you will change your life for the better in any area of your life; not just for weight loss. Do this and you will find all of the motivation and will power in the universe is working for you and those goals that once seemed impossible or a million miles away are all of a sudden knocking on your front door! “It always seems impossible until it’s done” Nelson Mandela.

So if you want to get fit for summer with me get in touch. #JustResults

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