Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy by Elliott Davenport

Fear of Flying Phobia Hypnosis

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Fear of flying (Aviophobia) has become a very modern and very common fear today, if you fall into the 30% category that finds flying about five miles in the air uncomfortable to a real severe phobia…? Worry not because I can help you make a fast and effective change to this problem, whether you would like to feel more comfortable when flying or to overcome a long-standing phobia. A very short course of hypno-analysis and suggestion therapy (clinical hypnosis) can produce quick and extremely powerful results for you. There can be many factors that make you feel like an aviophobia such as the feeling of vulnerability but whatever the feeling we can make positive long term shift in your feelings towards flying.

How I can help

The information provided in the free consultation will play a large part in determining how we move forward; I do not adopt a “one size fits all” approach to any of my clients and will tailor our work specifically to you, in order to ensure that we get the best results possible in the quickest amount of time. Most likely at various stages a form of hypno-analysis and suggestion therapy will be used in conjunction for maximum effect. Before you have even realised you will be in a destination of your choice wondering what all the fuss was about and living you life to the fullest!