Have you ever considered to stop drinking with hypnosis?

Cut down on my drinking? How very dare you!

Most people could do with cutting down their alcohol consumption by a bit and others a lot! However, people tend to get very tetchy when you ask them how much they actually drink and go right out on the defensive. Yet most people don’t have a problem admitting to themselves or others for that matter that they need to lose a few pounds or a couple of stone in weight, hmm…

Admittedly the effects of regularly drinking over the recommended units may not be as obvious as someone who could do with chipping off a couple of pounds around the midriff but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem there or the beginning of one. Don’t let the rot set in, you can stop drinking with hypnosis!


I regularly receive enquiries about hypnotherapy for alcohol addiction but also hypnosis to reduce drinking… 

Hypnosis to reduce drinking is not very uncommon whatever the reasons for people wanting to reduce the drink. Encouraging a change in attitude was exactly what I was leaning towards inducing at the start of this blog and that is something everyone should do when taking a look at how much they drink on a weekly basis.

I’m not going to bore you with endless details of the latest recordings of the potential effects alcohol can have on your health but rather encourage you to adopt a different attitude and a shift in your perceptions when it comes hypnosis to reduce drinking or to stop drinking with hypnosis.


Shift your perception NOW to ensure that you don’t need hypnotherapy for alcohol addiction

When looking to stop drinking with hypnosis, this can no doubt be helped with Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy but let’s face it a lot of people can make a significant change right now by following some of the instructions outlined below:

  • Shift your perception – Change the way to look at alcohol, how you perceive it and what you associate it with.
  • Ask yourself why you are drinking over the recommended amounts – If this is you be honest enough with yourself first of all to see if there is an underlying reason to the amount of alcohol you consume.
  • What are your reasons to reduce the amount of alcohol you drink? – Would greatly reducing the amount you drink contribute to a holiday? A personal trainer? A new pair of shoes? Or anything else you can think of… The answer is a probable yes!


Hypnotherapy for alcohol addiction

Ok, now most people’s battle to not have that extra glass of wine are relatively superficial so I’ll help to give a brief understanding of how exactly I can help with hypnosis to reduce drinking or completely stop drinking with hypnosis.

Whether a person drinks because they are depressed, anxious or simply do not know we will seek to find the cause and remove it, simples. We will then work in a new pattern of behaviour and thought. Job done. Sounds really easy but guess what? A lot of change can be really easy when you decide to make a change with Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy.



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