Emetophobia Hypnosis

Emetophobia Hypnosis

This symptoms of this phobia can be split into different sub categories:

  • The fear of vomiting

  • The fear of seeing others vomit

  • The fear of drowning

  • The fear of unhygienic surroundings

  • The fear of choking on food

Studies have also shown emetophobia covers the fear of gagging. This phobia can really get in the way, it can prevent these people to avoid locations where it is viable to witness vomiting entirely.

These places can include pubs, nightclubs, and even restaurants. People who suffer from emetophobia can stop going to places outside of their homes entirely. They become obsessed about where they will venture, and who with. The symptoms mentioned all surround one common theme: The common sense of unease, where irregularities with the throat/and or breathing are concerned.

They become obsessed with other aspects of hygiene, things that may deemed as ‘dirty’, ‘disgusting’, or ‘gross’. This symptom of emetophobia can escalate to the direct inability to urinate in public spaces, and/or in front of people.

How I can help

Emetophobia can get in the way of a life you want, a more productive and healthy life style. We can offer you a course of suggestion therapy (clinical hypnosis). If and when we discover that you have bottled up emotions, or deep-rooted negative emotions then these problems can be resolved through our hypnoanalysis, relieving you from further mental and physical stress.

Hypnoanalysis will help you change the way in which you associate yourself with negativity. Giving you the positive, self confident you, the you that leads the life that you want to have.

Cases of emetophobia can usually be healed within 8-12 hypnotherapy sessions.Whether you have telltale signs of classic symptoms, or whether your case is slightly different, I will help you out in the way you need to be helped. I can help you to raise your confidence, and make you feel confident enough to trust the society around you, to stop thinking so negatively.

My goal is to offer you peace of mind and body, through harmless hypnotism, enabling you rid your obstacles.