Do you have an eating disorder in Liverpool?

Now this is something that is becoming more and more common with both men, women and children suffering due to the demands of society from photoshopped images of that perfect body that are so far detached from reality. Yet, today’s generation is continually exposed to such extreme physiques that are described as achievable and made out to be common that it’s easy to see how some people can develop an eating disorder over time.

Now I want to make it clear that I am not citing today’s culture and the photoshopping of images as the root cause of all eating disorders but I am saying that it can and certainly does have an influence be it great or small depending on the person.


Barbie, Action man, Superman, The Hulk…

From an early age we are subject to impressions both conscious and unconscious to suggestions as to how we should look. A look at the list of characters mentioned above only serves to prove this fact and this has again been reinforced by their continually developing physiques; from the 21st century waist of a barbie doll to superman’s ripped 8 pack! So as children we potentially have our first impressions of exactly how we should look and let’s face it many people would like to occupy a ridiculously ripped stomach; but are they natural?

Whilst we may come across a friend who has great genes and a superior physique, on the whole these people are few and far between. Quite simply this is because the physiques that we see in our photoshopped magazines aren’t not only natural they simply are not real and do not provide an accurate representation of the general population in Liverpool and beyond! Yet were programming ourselves to believe that they are!


Let’s reprogram our mind!

Yep. That sounds like a damn good idea… It is a damn good idea! Why should you run the risk of developing an eating disorder in the attempt of chasing an artificial physique? That’s right you shouldn’t and you won’t because no longer will you allow yourself to feel the pressure of society on your shoulders. Instead you will choose to step into reality because just like the tooth fairy those physiques that you see in your favorite magazine aren’t real; they have been edited, chopped and cropped (I’m really sorry if you believed in the tooth fairy up until now). So offer your mind new realistic suggestions and alternatives because unless you are a genetic freak you will probably find that it is just as easy to decide that you would like to grow wings and fly, than it is to achieved a photoshopped physique.


Repressed emotional issues may contribute to your eating disorder…

With all of that being said the key to truly solving your eating disorder may lie in resolving repressed emotional issues through hypno-analysis. Often the underlying factor can be simple to unravel, especially if you are based in or near the Liverpool area (Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy is on hand). Right now you can start to make some changes to your belief systems and patterns of thought in an attempt to break the cycle and be kind to yourself. If weight loss is important to you and you are interested in doing it the right way and keeping off those excess pounds then I can help there too; whatever problem you feel you may have is no problem.

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