The end of Dry January is approaching and many of you might be breathing a sigh of relief that the long struggle of being alcohol free is nearly over. If you are finding that glass of wine too hard to refuse after a long day of work and need an extra push to get you through dry January then I can help.

Dry January    

dry january 2018

Dry January was created in an attempt to reduce alcohol consumption. The movement requires giving up alcohol for 31 days and is a perfect time to do so after the festive period, when drinking is usually most heavy.


Dry January attempts to question and create awareness of our relationship with alcohol, showing the positive effects not drinking alcohol can have.

The Health Risks Associated with Drinking Alcohol

Drinking alcohol poses many health risks to your body. Alcohol affects both the inside of and outside of your body. Alcohol itself can damage your organs, particularly the liver, and the weight gain caused by alcohol creates further health problems such as high cholesterol, heart disease, and diabetes.

Apart from the serious health risks caused by alcohol, your bank balance can also be hit hard. Like smoking, alcohol can be very expensive, particularly in pubs and restaurants and if you are a regular drinker this can have adverse effects on your bank balance.

Drinking alcohol can also have severe effects on your lifestyle. Lack of sleep and low energy are common side effects of alcohol abuse which will in turn have repercussions on your work and home life.

The benefits of Dry January        

According to Alcohol Concern 79% of those who took part in Dry January saved money, 62% had a better quality sleep and higher energy levels, and 49% lost weight which shows a high success rate for this movement and its many benefits.

Dry January should hopefully be a starting point to quitting or significantly reducing your alcohol consumption long term. I can help you achieve your goal of quitting alcohol altogether or helping you get over the last leg of Dry January.

Alcoholism Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis are my methods of tackling alcoholism. Hypnotherapy seeks to rid the problem of alcoholism by influencing your thought patterns, whilst hypnoanalysis looks at the root of the problem and the reasons why you are drinking so you can come face to face with your alcoholism.

I give you the tools to achieve your goal but this is ultimately your choice and your results! If you have a problem with alcohol or are looking to see results in Dry January then call me today on 0151 329 2029 to begin your journey to recovery.