Don’t be scared to be social in Liverpool

With Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy you really don’t need to allow your social phobia to dictate your social life in Liverpool. You can allow yourself to be free by seeking hypnotherapy for social phobias and get past whatever is holding you back. I just wanted to outline that point first and foremost because often people don’t believe that they can get past their social phobia. You can enjoy the day and night life that Liverpool has to offer along with everything else.

Don’t be scared to be social just take action.


Why do you have a social phobia?

There can be a variety of factors underpinning your social phobia. Maybe there is an underlying cause such as a repressed memory or emotion that we could look to solve through hypno-analysis. Perhaps you may have endured difficult social events for whatever reason and such events have compounded your feelings. In my experience there are always elements of habits that go with your phobias and behaviour; this is also an important part of addressing any issue, undoing the element of habit.


How would your life be different if you didn’t have this social phobia?

Think, imagine, picture, visualise! Those words involve pretty much the same tools and I encourage you to see just how different your life with be without the problem you see before you. All too often people think about what they don’t want and what could go wrong; NO, NO, NO! I am ordering, cajoling, instructing, encouraging (take whatever adjective that suits you best) you to hold the vision you have for your life in your mind! So underrated and overlooked this technique is but when done consistently produces amazing results.

“Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand” – Many great people before us have told us as much and we should listen.


Learn to feel good

In life, some things come naturally to people regardless of practice but practice does make perfect. Others may have to work a little bit harder at what they want to achieve but it can be done; so learn how to feel good. Do what you have to do to feel good and produce good feelings, whatever it takes, as feeling good can and does empower us. When we feel empowered we can do anything that we want including getting rid of that social phobia.

Simple tricks to make yourself feel good
  • Listen to your favourite music
  • Eat your favourite foods
  • Wear your favourite clothes and fragrance
  • Eat healthy and exercise
  • Seek inspiration
  • Eliminate all that does not serve you well


Elliott’s final thought’s
  1. Don’t be scared to be social – Yep, I think you should know this by know
  2. In Liverpool it’s easy to be supported and sociable with Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy
  3. Live your life the way you want to and don’t settle for anything less
  4. You can be free to live your life without a social phobia


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