Do you want to avoid being addicted in the New Year in Liverpool?

People have all sorts of reasons to blame as to why they are addicted to a certain substance and others don’t really know why perhaps choosing to blame an addictive personality. For some it may be a result of workplace stress or socialising, whereas others may have suffered hardships in life and become dependant on alcohol, cocaine, cannabis or otherwise. Don’t worry whatever it is I can help you change this habit. Depending on the severity of your addiction or if your feel that there may be an addiction developing there are actions in which you can take in the now!


Do I have an addiction?

Often people want to wave a magic wand across their problems and forget tried and tested methods that are sol eloquently simple yet produce real changes when trying to beat a habit or change an addiction. Now, before we get into it some people may be wondering whether or not their habit is classed as an addiction; so let’s discuss that for moment. Take alcohol for instance there are a lot of people who drink every night and exceed the recommended allowance; said person may be a working professional who does not consider themselves to be addicted. However, for one reason or another they are or have become dependant on alcohol because let’s face it we all know that “drinking” every night isn’t good so surely you would take at least a few nights off right?

The bottom line is I don’t really care for labels and I certainly would discourage you from labelling yourself it’s just a case of becoming more aware when it comes to making changes for ourselves. The point is that it’s not always cut and dried to understand whether or not you have an addiction or it’s severity and I find that ultimately your ability to stop taking whatever substance you’re addicted to is a very telling factor in determining whether or not you actually have an “addiction”.


Take action

You may not want to dive straight into looking at hypnotherapy for addictions in order to avoid being addicted in the New Year and there are some approaches that you can take that involve a lot of common sense to take action on any developing or current addictions. For instance consider the environment in which you work and socialise… Is this something you can change? Is your work environment stressful? Is your home harmonious? (most of the time that is!) These are all important factors to consider and you can then look to take action at any which are not serving you in the way in which they should.

In Liverpool we are lucky enough to have a fantastic night life that can prove challenging to people seeking to avoid being addicted in the New Year. You can choose to STOP and STOP is exactly one mechanism that you can affirm with yourself as many people are simply surrendered to their habits without choosing to fight. Choose to fight by managing your mind with Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy in Liverpool.

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