Do you have any phobias that you’d like to overcome?

A year with no phobias is just around the corner with Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy, infact make that a lifetime without any phobias. From Liverpool to L.A you will fly, from tarantula to snake you hold and heights you will explore as a result of phobia hypnosis. Hypnosis for phobias is extremely effective and whatever your phobia is we can solve, no problem.


My thinking towards phobias

Not everything in life is always cut and dried, black and white or obvious to say the least. Once we understand this we can begin to look at alternative approaches to problems and humor different perspectives on all issues and circumstances. In order for you to catch the drift of what I’m beginning to say I’ve put an interesting case study below which will demonstrate to you the varying factors that can lie within a fear and also provide evidence of how we solved the problem for good.


Interesting case study

I had a young lady from Liverpool come to see me not too long ago with a severe phobia of wasps and bees. To paint a picture for you of just how severe the phobia was I can tell you that it caused her anxiety in the lighter months of the year. She had tried different routes to solve this problem before seeing me but with no success. Anxiety from leaving her front door sweating, not able to enjoy sitting with her friends in a beer garden and feel relaxed; I don’t think I need to say anymore.

So, how did we deal with this issue?

Due to the severity of the phobia I had to begin to make the client believe that she could actually overcome the problem that she faced (as many people can’t even imagine their life without their phobias). This factor is often overlooked by many hypnotherapists but not by me and I’m giving away a part of the factor of my success here so listen up! Suggestion therapy can play a major part in generating a shift in our belief system so this is my starting point. Often people want to wave a magic wand but this is not my style, I want to produce sustained long-term results for you and I can’t cover everything that I need to cover in just one session (it simply isn’t possible).

The second part of the process involves hypno-analysis (I want to know what the root cause of this problem is). Now, I’m aware this may not sound possible but it is, fact. The top and bottom of this particular case study is that we discovered that she had shared this exact same phobia with her Nan (who had not too long ago passed away and the phobia had worsened). There was a repressed memory of her Nan screaming at her to run away from a wasp, she had also then learned as a child to be weary and scared of wasps and bees. We released this memory and emotion, then changed the way she felt about them. Job done.


Say bye, bye to phobias

The end of this story as with every story is that my clients get results. She still has results and lives her life freely thanks as well to her own commitment and belief. You see it’s a team effort and we are a team from day dot to finish and our team wins; simple as that. Come and see  me in Rodney Street, Liverpool for phobia hypnosis.

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