ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Treatment)

ME Hypnosis

CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome treatment) can cause a repetitiveness of fatigue, or exhaustion. ME affects all aspect of everyday life, and it isn’t aided by getting rest, or having more sleep.

ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) causes muscle pain, and can cause an excruciating inflammation within the spine. ME and CFS are both a common term for all of the above.

Absolutely anybody can get CFS, however; the syndrome tends to target women more commonly than men. Adults are usually diagnosed with ME or CFS within the age range of mid 20’s – late 40’s. Children can also be infected however, usually between the ages of 13 and 15.

How it can affect your quality of life

Most reported cases of ME are usually not too serious. However, 1 in 4 people who contract CFS or ME have a case of with much more severity. The different levels of aggression that ME or CFS occurs at are:

  • Mild – You may need a day or two off of work to rest up, but you can take care of yourself fine

  • Moderate – ME can start to affect your sleeping patterns, altering your ‘body clock’, causing you to sleep at abnormal hours, this level of ME has varying symptoms.

  • Severe – The more easy tasks within your daily routine appear to be too difficult. You lack good levels of physical or mental energy to perform menial tasks around the house e.g – brushing your teeth.

  • Extremely severe – You are unable to complete any tasks on your own, your ME and CFS has resulted in a noticeable intolerance to sound, and overly luminous lighting.

How I can help

If ME or CFS are stopping you from leading the life you really want and desire, then don’t hesitate to try hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can help give you the confidence in which you lack, aiding you on the road to recovery. We have an evident success rate in dealing with issues of CFS and ME.

Depending on your situation, I can offer you one of two techniques; in which the methods alter according the the individual case. A course of suggestion therapy can help you directly, however; if we find that your situation stems from a much deeply rooted problem, then we will move forward with hypnoanalysis.

Hypnoanalysis will help you change the way in which you associate yourself with negativity. Giving you the positive, healthier, pain-free lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Call me on 0151 329 2029 or message me on Twitter or g+.