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Hypnotherapy for anxiety

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety in Liverpool

Anxiety is a mental health disorder that has become more and more prevalent in recent years as the stigma around the word fades. There is no real cure for anxiety and it’s not always as easy to diagnose or treat as a physical illness or infection is. However, hypnotherapy for anxiety is a recognised method…

Hypnotherapy in Liverpool

Medical Hypnotherapy in Liverpool

Medical Hypnotherapy in Liverpool Hypnotherapy has a wide range of practical applications that makes it one of the most versatile forms of therapy. It is perhaps most commonly used for helping people to overcome fears or conquer bad habits/addictions, but its benefits extend way beyond those uses. Medical Hypnosis I offer medical hypnotherapy in Liverpool…


Weight Loss Hypnosis

Lose Weight with Hypnotherapy; That Sounds Like a Plan! Weight loss hypnosis is not a new concept, many people are waking up to the power of hypnosis slowly but surely as it (and I) continue to help many people change their lives for the better forever. Hypnosis for losing weight is tremendously successful if done…