Alcoholism Hypnosis

Alcoholism Hypnosis

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Many people are able to stay within the recommended limits of alcohol consumption, for these people – alcohol related health problems are more unlikely to occur. However, some people may drink more than the recommended allowance, risking their good health.

We call this alcohol abuse, basically abusing their health through alcohol. Alcohol abuse falls into 3 sub-categories:

  • Hazardous drinking – drinking over the recommended amount.

  • Harmful drinking – drinking over the recommended limits, thus leading to alcohol related health risks.

  • Dependent drinking – drinking because you feel as though you can’t focus.

Hazardous drinking is the common form of alcohol abuse, many people go over the daily amount, but this can lead to more drinking.

This is where harmful drinking comes into play, alcohol related risks, and health issues arise – due to an increased amount of alcohol abuse. Drinking over the daily recommended amount consistently, and frequently can cause problems that affect your health. Your thought process can be changed through hypnotherapy, we can change your association with alcohol through suggestion therapy.

Dependent drinking means that you feel as though you can’t focus, you may have the inability to stay calm, unless turning to alcohol. The alcohol may appear to help, but it brings about alcohol related health risks. Many sufferers of alcoholism may tend to rely on alcohol, to attempt to ignore a situation of unease – or to repress a past event.

Alcohol abuse can stem directly from a variety of different problems. For example, abusers of alcohol can be influenced by a family member(s), effectively mimicking the habit. Even from an early age people observe habits, and can then develop said habits themselves – habits like alcoholism.

You could also be drinking due to a physical addiction to the alcohol itself – this could be due to consciously trying to change how you feel about a certain subject, or past event.

Whether the disease is hereditary , or it’s an initially conscious decision, hypnotherapy can help influence your thought patterns, thus leading to a healthy-alcohol-free lifestyle.

I can help you

Depending on your situation, hypnotherapy can help you to change your lifestyle, to attain the lifestyle you actually want to have. Alcoholism can be greatly helped by hypnotherapy,we can offer you a course of suggestion therapy, or if the problem persists then we turn to hypnoanalysis. Hypnoanalysis helps dissolve the root issues you find hard to face, we can get rid of the emotions that are bottled up.