Stop Smoking this Stopober

Many people are again looking to kick the habit of smoking this October and take action on addiction Liverpool. Hypnosis in Liverpool with Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy (EDH) can help make this process a quick and painless one. I have worked with many different types of addiction and smoking in particular is one that I have heard many people struggle with for many years. Many people who come to me for help when trying to quit smoking have tried many times over to take action on addiction from will power and patches to the recent electronic cigarettes.

Take action on addiction

There are lots of services for action on addiction Liverpool but I believe my results speak for themselves with every client directed with they’re own tailored plan to kick the habit! Many hypnosis in Liverpool offer one stop smoking cessations (this is something that I do not offer) and there are many reasons for this! Firstly, we do not recommend one session for any other types of addiction so why would we do that for smoking?! Common sense and logic tells us we shouldn’t and along with my advanced techniques I follow logic and common sense when taking action on addiction Liverpool. The fact of the matter is that the one stop smoking cessation has been marketed for industry professionals to make a quick buck but I am far more interested in keeping my reputation intact and building upon it; whilst offering much better value for money.

Secondly, there are often many reasons as to why people smoke or fail to kick the habit for that matter; therefore it is quite simply not always possible to tackle everything within one session. All types of addiction can be multi faceted and smoking is no different. I understand that people searching for hypnosis in Liverpool may not like the blunt answers and reasons given above but I would encourage you to accept them when taking action on addiction Liverpool this Stoptober!

It is very often a fool proof system to air on the side of logic and common sense rather than me offering you some magic beans that grow into money trees overnight (which by the way I have them too for sale at a £100 per tree). When tackling various types of addiction you can go for the long shot and hopefully hit the 1/100 price or you can bet on Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy for hypnosis in Liverpool with an industry guarantee and have those odds reversed 100/1. I know all too well that common sense is not always so common and logic can also be found wanting but if you really do want results this Stoptober allow your head to rule and choose EDH for results.

You can succeed when taking action on addiction Liverpool, it is more than possible, it is perfectly doable and it can in actual fact be quite easy! When you look for hypnosis in Liverpool look no further than Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy and allow positive results to follow whatever various types of addiction is affecting you in your life. Kick the habit, get healthy, save some money and feel good! Feel better than good feel great. Feel better than great feel fantastic! You can choose those feelings, it’s your choice, you are in control; make a decision…

I would love to know how you do throughout Stoptober please tweet me at @hypnosisliv and keep me update with your progress!