5 Reasons to choose weight loss hypnosis

Liverpool Hypnotherapy Elliott DavenportOk, so I could probably give 10 or 20 reasons why you could lose weight with Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy (EDH) but 5 seems like a number that will keep you interested long enough without boring you and keep it straight to the point. So let’s do this, let me show you 5 reasons why you will lose weight with EDH!

1. You are working with the best

It goes without saying in life that everybody wants the best in life (well most people, except my father in law, he’s happy with second, third, fourth or even fifth best) and that’s no different when looking for a hypnotherapist who can help you achieve your goals. You want to know that you’re working with someone who has delivered consistent results time after time and you are! So there you have it reason number 1 is that you’re working with the best.


2. I have amazing weight loss results

It’s true I really do get amazing weight loss results and there are a few reasons for this that I’ll explain. I have developed a distinct way of working when it comes to losing weight, there is a particular pattern that I follow, however it is not set in stone for everyone. This pattern and structure that I follow allows me to mitigate any and all factors that are affecting your weight loss. Once we deal with said factors and have finished our course you are almost certainly on your way to becoming the slimmer, healthier and happier person that you want to be.


3. I offer an unrivalled service

It’s not all about spell bounding measures and trade secrets working with me. First and foremost it’s about honesty, integrity and communication. That means that outside of sessions there needs to be support to and I’m here to help you with that too. It’s often the case that many people don’t have a support network or a constructive one at that in their personal and professional lives. It’s therefore an important factor to have support as it can really accelerate your growth towards great change.


4. You will feel completely relaxed

Now this reason works on two levels… Firstly, perhaps most importantly of all you will feel completely comfortable in my company (if for some reason this wasn’t the case then we wouldn’t be the right working relationship), as I’m friendly, down to earth and very easy going; nothing is a big deal. Secondly, I believe that we need a certain depth of relaxation for us to achieve a certain level of results and this comes from being comfortable in my company (don’t worry you will always be aware of what’s happening).


5. You will realise that there is absolutely nothing stopping you from losing weight

Once we remove the doubt and limitations you will realise that not only is losing weight possible but anything else in life that you want to achieve. Letting go of and removing your own limitations and negative beliefs will catapult you towards your goals so much quicker than you would have ever imagined and I’ll be there to show you how to do it. If there is nothing stopping you then your path towards success is clear, no excuses just results; that is what’s delivered from Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy.

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