5 Reasons why hypnotherapy can help with alcoholism

Liverpool Hypnotherapy Elliott DavenportWhether you feel you have an issue with alcohol or you’d just like to kick the habit, hypnotherapy with Elliott Davenport can help. Many people are often in denial about whether or not they actually have a problem with the “drink” until the time comes where they would actually like to make a change and find that it’s too much of a struggle. Below are 5 reasons why hypnotherapy with Elliott Davenport can help with alcoholism.

1. Habit or addiction

It doesn’t matter how severe the change you would like to make is, we will identify what’s what and take it from there. Whether you would like to stop drinking for good, greatly reduce the amount of alcohol you consume or just enjoy it occasionally. We will define your goals and set out an appropriate plan to achieve them rather than just working aimlessly, we will go into detail. The devil is in the detail and we will look to cover all aspects of any particular problem that you may have.


2. Create positive change through motivation

Let’s find out if there is something that you would prompt or enforce you to make a change for the better; let us use your weaknesses against you for the purpose of good. Do you want to increase your chances of being healthier and living longer for your children or even grandchildren? Do you wish to put those pounds spent on alcohol to better use? Do you want to perform better in your workplace and achieve that promotion? Whatever reasons that hit home with you will be a source of inspiration in our work.


3. Deal with stress effectively

I’m often told by clients that they drink to unwind or “forget”. Through hypnotherapy you will soon develop an ability to relax instinctively. This ability to produce quality relaxation for yourself is something that will empower you, leave you feeling fresh and revitalised. If you feel better placed to cope with stress and more resilient to the goings on in life then you will become less likely to turn to the bottle when times get tough. The daily rigours of your working and professional life simply won’t warrant a drink.


4. Identify what underpins your addiction

If we feel that you do have an addiction then identifying the root cause of your problem can be the key to you achieving magnificent and life changing results. Through the use of hypno-analysis we will seek to identify the root cause of this issue and release it. I believe this plays a significant factor in overcoming any problem that you may have especially with addiction; often negative emotions can underpin the reason as to why people can become alcohol dependant.


5. Develop positive and constructive habits

Once we have dealt with the crux of the issue we can then begin to work in new habits that will serve you so much better. You can develop patterns of thought and behaviour that will allow you to move forward in life as opposed to dwelling on the past and thinking of times gone by. Your new way of thinking will produce long lasting feelings of contentment within you, as thoughts produce feelings and feelings produce thoughts; we will ensure a more positive cycle evolves.

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