5 Reasons why hypnotherapy can help with phobias

Liverpool Hypnotherapy Elliott DavenportSuffering from a genuine fear can be no fun for anyone, but not only is it very unpleasant it can also hold you back in life and stop you from doing the things that you want to do. Why should you not live life and explore all that it has to offer because of a phobia? Well I’ve got news for you… You shouldn’t and you don’t have to with Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy.

False Evidence Appearing Real

1. Unlock emotions

Have you ever thought that there may be a reason why you suffer from a particular fear? It is possible and infact quite common to have repressed emotions underpinning phobias. I always reference a particularly interesting case study of mine involving a young woman with a “severe” phobia of wasps and bees when discussing this matter. Tall and short of the story was that she shared the same phobia as her grandmother who had not too long passed away; the emotion propped up this fear. Therefore, we had to find and release the emotion.


2. Unlearn behaviour

Keeping reference with the point mentioned above, it’s also beneficial to unlearn or learn new behaviours (which ever way around you choose to see it). It’s important to do a “proper” and thorough job and that is why we insert new suggestions regarding how you respond to your previous fears in the future. We do this through suggestion therapy, also called clinical hypnosis and there are various techniques that we can use surrounding this which will ensure that we get the best results possible.


3. Live the life you want

Hypnotherapy with Elliott Davenport can help you live the life you want with no limitations; no matter what the phobia may be or how severe it seems. Whether that is flying comfortably to foreign countries and exploring the world, driving on the motorway or a fear of spiders that you would like to conquer, it really doesn’t matter to me. Often clients tell me that their life has improved in many different areas when working with me; not just the specifics of why we were working together in the first place. You can have this too, no doubt about it.


4. See yourself without this phobia

All too often people can’t even begin to imagine themselves with the phobia that they have in their lives; this is a problem that needs to be sorted from the outset. To achieve anything in life no matter what it is you have to believe. This may prove problematic for some people and that’s why I’m here offering you expert advice; first you must start to believe. You can do this by what I like to call “make believe, pretend”. Just begin to humour yourself with the notion that you don’t actually have this phobia and you’ve been living a lie for all those years. Soon this game of “make believe, pretend” will become your reality.


5. It’s Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy

My hypnotherapy can help you overcome your phobias for a number of reasons… You’re working with one of the best in the country who uses advanced techniques and refuses to be anything but 100% dedicated to your goals when working together. Often my level of commitment exceeds that of the client and it is with this approach and mindset that I have built up a very successful practice in Rodney Street, Liverpool. I have my own name on my practice and that means an awful lot to me and my reputation; I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed with my service.

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