5 Reasons why Hypnotherapy for Depression will help

Liverpool Hypnotherapy Elliott DavenportOn the surface of it there can often be many reasons as to why a person feels depressed. Equally there can be no known reason as to why a person is feeling the way that they do it is simply lost on them, a mystery. So let’s discuss how hypnotherapy with Elliott Davenport can help/eradicate depression.

1. Hypno-analysis

Hypno-analysis is not widely practiced amongst hypnotherapists and requires a certain level of training in order to perform it effectively; something that I have. It is based and centred around the root cause(s) of a problem. Through being very relaxed there are various ways and methods that we can seek to facilitate the identification of such issues that are causing you a problem; whether they are repressed memories or otherwise. Once we have identified and release the problem we can deal with it in an appropriate manner, however, in my experience the releasing of emotion/memory is the main concern when achieving results.


2. Suggestion Therapy (Clinical Hypnosis)

This type of hypnotherapy is great at helping us to create new belief systems and patterns that will serve you in a way that benefits you and the quality of your life. It works because the subconscious mind is highly suggestible and this is why I believe that we need a quality depth of relaxation to achieve greater success. Helping to keep you in a more positive frame of mind and pattern of thought can be crucial to your success and suggestion therapy can help to do that.


3. Visualization

Even at a conscious level of mind visualization is greatly important and that doesn’t change when using hypnosis, well, not for me anyway. We all think in pictures, if I asked you to think of your car or home now you would probably see it in your mind and be able to tell me every little detail about it. Your subconscious mind responds well to pictures so it would make sense to spend a good amount of time seeing yourself living the life that you would want live, with everything and everyone that you would want with you. This adds powerful emotion to the process and now all we need to do is make is a habit.


4. Affirmations

Again, not just at a conscious level but at an unconscious one too. As with all behaviour there are elements of habit and patterns that have been programmed to the subconscious mind and we want to create our own positive patterns. Our subconscious affirmations will consist of the “now” not the future because the subconscious mind does not respond to future calls; it only deals with in the present. The subconscious mind cannot process negative information, therefore we have to be careful in the way in which we choose our words. Saying “I am not unhappy” is exactly the same as saying “I am unhappy” to your subconscious mind.


5. Empowerment

Hypnotherapy can help you to feel empowered that you can realise the change that you seek no matter what your current circumstance. Generating feelings of empowerment go an awful long way in pushing you towards your goal because when we feel empowered we feel like we can take on the world, go anywhere, do anything and become anyone. It’s a mindset that you can and will develop with Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy for depression.

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