5 Reasons why hypnotherapy can conquer anxiety

Liverpool Hypnotherapy Elliott DavenportYou can conquer anxiety with hypnotherapy, it’s a fact, not up for debate. If it can work for one it can work for all and it has worked for many people over many, many years. For me there is never a doubt that I can help a person to overcome the anxiety that they face in their life today. Let’s have a look at 5 Reasons why hypnotherapy with Elliott Davenport can conquer your anxiety..

1. Release negative emotions

We want to find out what the underpinning cause of your anxiety is and hypno-analysis will allow us to investigate this matter. We can then seek to release whatever is problem(s) that is contributing to this unwanted feeling. Releasing trapped or repressed emotions can have an instant and positive effect on your feelings; sometimes the results are remarkable. Leaving you to feel fantastic once again.


2. You’ll become a visionary

Being a visionary involves visualization and using this technique to help conquer anxiety is important. Everyone has a tendency to think about the things that they don’t want to happen; not many people choose to think about what they actually want to happen. Well, thoughts become things meaning we can have and be whatever we want as long as we choose the correct thoughts consistently. Choosing to hold in our mind exactly what it is that we want and exactly how we want to feel will surely bring it to us.


3. It’s works when everything else has failed

Often people who come to see me have tried other therapies or approaches before turning to hypnotherapy and it’s thought by many industry professionals that hypnotherapy can be a last resort for people. This can have both potentially negative and positive aspects if this is indeed the case. Many people are “ready” to throw themselves into the process wholeheartedly and this is exactly what we want. Conversely, too much pressure placed on the client by themselves can affect the depth of relaxation that we want to work with. It’s my job to help you manage this pressure and expectation successfully.


4. Prepare you for the life you want

It may sound quite ridiculous what I’m about to say but I guess I see things differently to other hypnotherapists, maybe one of the reasons why I get consistent and fantastic results I suppose. I want to prepare you for the change you want because many people are resistant to change whether that is positive or negative people tend to have an apprehension regardless and this can result in you not moving forward with your life in the way in which you truly want.


5. You’re working with Elliott Davenport Hypnotherapy

It may sound quite presumptuous or even pretentious of myself to say this and I wouldn’t want it to be perceived as anything but well placed confidence in my ability as a successful hypnotherapist. However, I do feel that it is a significant reason as to why you can conquer your anxiety with hypnotherapy due to the commitment that I offer from day one. I believe that the service I offer is unrivalled, I pride myself on the level of service and support offered.

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