Real client feedback

Have a look at what real clients, yes people just like you think about my Liverpool Hypnotherapy treatment. When you are ready fill out the free consultation form and let’s have a call.

Some of the symptoms I treat with my Liverpool Hypnotherapy services

Have a look below at what I am good at below. You will find me a down to earth, ready to listen and even more ready to understand and help you – no matter what the problem is.

I’m Elliott, a Liverpool Hypnotist that is based in Rodney Street, Liverpool L1 9EW.

I am – Friendly

You’ll find me a friendly person and within minutes you’ll be at ease. I’m naturally a ‘glass half full’ person and believe this helps with client success rate. Lets be happy together.

I am – Advanced

I’ve worked and studied with the best in my field and believe I use the most advanced Hypnosis Liverpool techniques. Above all though I will listen, understand and provide you with help.

I am – Results driven

As good as my client references are and as confident I am, the session is all about you and helping you through what is affecting you. My aim is for you to be happy and have the result you want.

You’ll be – Comfortable

From initial free consultation to our regular sessions, you will be relaxed, at ease and comfortable with what we are doing. I pride myself on happy clients and results, but in order for that they need to be comfortable.

You’ll be – Relaxed

Sit back, relax and talk to me. Tell me what is affecting you in your life and let me help you. My aim is for you to be completely relaxed, open minded and ready for me to do what I do best.

You’ll be – 100% satisfied

I’ve done this for a long time, use the best and most advanced techniques and have worked / trained with the best. At the end of our sessions you will be 100% satisfied and ready to move on with your life.

Does Hypnotherapy work?

I often get asked “Do your Liverpool Hypnotherapy services work“? Well the fact is I have done this for a long time, have lots of happy clients and really love what I do for a living, so yes, in answer to “does hypnotherapy work” – 100% it does!

In general there are two main types of hypnosis and below I will explain how they work:

  1. Suggestion therapy / clinical hypnosis (based on positive suggestions)
  2. Hypnoanalysis (based on analysing emotions/thoughts experienced during the session)

Suggestion Therapy


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